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PAS 1192 vs ISO 19650 terms

Quick reference guide

In here you can find a quick reference guide with PAS1192 and ISO 19650 terminology comparison.

PAS references (superseded)ISO References (current)
Pre-contract BEPPre-appointment BEP
Post-contract BEPPost-appointment BEP
LODLevel of information need
project clientsappointing parties
BIM execution planInformation delivery plan – ISO 19650‑1
BIM execution planBIM execution plan – ISO 19650‑2
BIM Maturity LevelBIM Maturity Stage
Built Asset Security Management Plan (BASM)Security Management Plan
Capital/delivery phaseDelivery phase
CDE areaCDE state
CDE sectionCDE state
CDE gateTransition
ContainerInformation container
Data DropInformation Exchange
fileInformation container
documentInformation container
EmployerAppointing party
EmployerLead Appointed party (Tier 1)
EmployerAppointed party
Employer’s information requirements (EIR)Exchange information requirements (EIR)
Level of model definition (LOD)Level of information need
Level of detail (LOD)Level of information need
Level of information (LOI)Level of information need
ModelInformation model
PathwaysTrigger Event
Plain language questions (PLQ)Project information requirements (PIR)
Project delivery teamDelivery team
Project Implementation Plan (PIP)Mobilisation Plan
Responsibility matrixAssignment matrix Assignment matrix
Responsibility matrixResponsibility matrix
Standard Method and ProcedureProject Information Standard
Standard Method and ProcedureProject Information Production Method
SupplierLead appointed party (tier 1)
Supplierappointed party (tier 2 and below)
Volume strategyFederation strategy
naming conventionidentification convention
the racetrackInformation delivery cycle
supply chaindelivery team
Main ContractorLead Appointed party (Tier 1)

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