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Library objects

BS 8541-1:2012

Library objects for architecture, engineering and constructionPart 1: Identification and classification – Code of practice Note: ISO 22014 and ISO 22057 are under development tosupersede… Read More »BS 8541-1:2012


weakness that can be exploited to cause harm [cited from ISO 19650-5:2020(en), 3.15]

BS EN ISO 23387:2020

Building information modelling (BIM) — Data templates for construction objects used in the life cycle of built assets Concepts and principles


set of interrelated or interacting activities that transforms inputs into outputs [SOURCE: ISO 9000:2005, definition 3.4.1 (without notes)] ISO 14040:2006(en), 3.11 It is a PAS1192 term replaced… Read More »process