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Data dictionaries


A collection of content libraries and supporting files that define and embody a BIM standard. A workspace includes BIM libraries such as wall types, standard… Read More »Workspace

PAS 14191:2020

Built environment – Management and operation of interconnected construction data dictionaries Specification


correlation between the outcome and the resources used a measure of the utilization of resources to realize a given objective Note 1 to entry: An activity… Read More »efficiency


weakness that can be exploited to cause harm [cited from ISO 19650-5:2020(en), 3.15]

trigger event

a planned or unplanned event that changes an asset (3.2.8) or it’s status during its life cycle (3.2.10), which results in information exchange (3.3.7) [cited from ISO 19650-1:2018(en), 3.2.13]

information exchange

verb act of satisfying an information requirement (3.3.2) or part thereof [cited from ISO 19650-1:2018(en), 3.3.7]


person, organization or organizational unit involved in a construction process [cited from ISO 19650-1:2018(en), 3.2.1]