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degree to which a product, system or information provides functions that meet stated and implied needs when used under specified conditions

[cited from: ISO/IEC 25010:2011(en), 4.2.1, added word ‘information’]

appropriateness for supporting the functions (3.12) or activities of users (3.34) or stakeholders (3.29)

[ cited from ISO 11863:2011(en), 3.30]

Word suitability has been replaced by term status in ISO 19650 Framework

The terms Status & Suitability are equivalent, as both define the permitted uses of information. BS 1192 also uses the term “status” to mean the combination of suitability and revision. There is no ISO 19650 equivalent for this BS 1192 use of “status”

[cited from PD 19650‑0:2019 table 2]

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