Post-appointment BEP

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It is a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) which shall be re-submitted by the Lead Appointed Party and confirmed by the Task Team and the Appointing Party to demonstrate understanding, agreement and committed to the Exchange Information Requirements. It should be submitted at the Appointment stage, before the mobilisation phase.

Appointment phase of an asset lifecycle – BS EN ISO 19650-3 workflow

The BEP facilitates the management of the delivery phase of the project. It is a live document which should be developed over time at each Task Team appointment and when required to support the delivery team information exchange.

The Post-appointment BEP should include:

  • A response to Exchange Information Requirements (EIR)
  • Summary of the Task Team capability and capacity
  • delivery team mobilization plan
  • Delivery Team Risk Register
  • Responsibility Matrix
  • Details of Management Planning and documentation
  • Methods and procedures
  • A TIDP
  • A MIDP
  • Rating:
Asset Lifecycle:
RIBA Plan of Work 2020:
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