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The Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 1192 part two was published in February 2013; the specification was based on existing Code of practice BS 1192 dated 2007 amended in October 2015 and again in April 2016. The code of practice included recommendations for the delivery phase of an asset lifetime  – Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) phase, the document incorporated recommendations for the roles[1] and responsibilities for collaborative working, and guidance for the Common Data Environment (CDE).

Part three PAS 1192-3 published in 2014 dedicated for the operational phase of the asset life cycle – Operating expense (OPEX) phase.

Whereas part four published as code of practice rather than a specification BS 1192-4 also published in 2014, contains best practice guide for the implementation of Construction Operation Building information exchange (COBie). In 2015 PAS 1192-5 was published dedicated to security for building information modelling (BIM), digital built environments and smart asset information management.

All of the above specifications and code of practices have now been superseded by international standards ISO 1650 series:

  • BS EN ISO 19650-1 published in December 2018
  • BS EN ISO 19650-2 published in December 2018
  • BS EN ISO 19650-3 published in August 2020
  • BS EN ISO 19650-5 published in July 2020

[1] The PAS 1192 term role has been replaced by term function in ISO 19650

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