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Model Validation Checklist

The example checklist consists of checks which assure quality within models and information, to eliminate errors and achieve desired project outcomes.

Table 1 – Model Validation Checklist

Project Coordination CheckEnsure the correct location of the building across all models of all disciplines.
Model Element CheckEnsure that those model elements are correct according to the standard. 
Model Integrity CheckEnsure the correct location and reference of the model elements.
Interference CheckDetect problems in the model where two building components are clashing
Link File checkEnsure that all links will be valid and easy for further use 
Excess Information CheckEnsure that there is no unnecessary information in the model.
File Location CheckEnsure that all the files in the Central Workspace are valid and incorrect location. 

Modelling or Phase Planning include simulation model of the construction process to:

1.1 Model has Acquired Coordination from GRID.rvt

1.2 All Grid and Level are Copied-Monitored from GRID.rvt

1.3 Survey Point and Project Base Point are in the correct position (Refer to BEP XX.XX Project Coordinate)

1.4 Project Base Point is located on the correct gridline (X, X) and has been clipped

1.4 For the project with links file: All files are drawn at the correct level.

Lead Appointed Party Standards BEP and Model Element Check

  • 2.1 File naming is correct according to the standard (Refer to BEP XX.XX Identification Convention)
  • 2.2 Family Name and Type Name are correct according to the BIM standard
  • 2.3 Family’s Type Mark is correct according to project specification
  • 2.4 Use family from the appropriate category (Refer to BEP XX.XX Family Management)
  • Model have required elements and information in the elements as specified in Model Ownership
  • MEP ONLY: Ducts and Pipes are in the correct System Classification and System Type

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