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Model Upload Workflow

3D models shall be synchronized with the central cloud model after daily work is done to ensure the rest of the project team are coordinating with the latest information.

All necessary steps should be taken before upload to ensure effective collaboration and that no misrepresentations of information occur. These include but are not limited to:

  • Appropriate Information container name with no revision code
  • Appropriate Status code
  • In house SMP’s compliance and approval
  • Technical content checked
  • Extracted drawings/schedules/other extracted model info is coordinated
  • Removal of all referenced information not related to deliverables/scope
  • Audited, purged and compressed
  • Not locked in any way to the author
  • All elements are visible and unfiltered
  • Appropriate QA procedures are undertaken

Each organisation will upload their model information to the CDE.

For all Information containers, multiple file formats of the same model are to be uploaded under the same item/instance. The main shared format will be the first upload, along with all other formats.

When uploading, the originator shall ensure that a revision to an existing file is uploaded as a NEW REVISION, and NOT uploaded as a NEW ITEM. This will ensure that the file’s revision history is maintained and will prevent duplicated records.

If a file is to become superseded by another or is uploaded incorrectly, the files should be edited with the ‘Superseded’ Revision Status.

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