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Level of detail

Level of detail (LOD) it is a term introduced by PAS 1192, used in relation with management of the progression and uses of information. Typically referred to geometrical information

There is general confusion with the use of the term, due to range of other interrelated terms often used without due explanation. The PAS1192-2:2013 has been withdrawn and the new ISO 19650 framework intending to clarify the terminology in 2018 introduced a new term: ‘Level of information need’ which was designed to replace the terms used in BS EN 1192 such as Level of model definition/level of detail (LOD) and level of information (LOI)

PAS 1192ISO 19650
Level of model definition (LOD)Level of information need
Level of detail (LOD)Level of information need
Level of information (LOI)Level of information need

Level of information need is a more generic term than any of the existing “Level of …” terms used in 1192. It is not supposed to be shortened to an acronym.

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