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Lessons learned

Although BS EN ISO 19650-2: 2018 recommend that lessons learned should be captured throughout the entire project, the standard is dedicated for the delivery phase only. Hence project party can consider use of BS EN ISO 19650 Part 3 as leading guidance for the project delivery it is critical that the lessons learned framework also include the operational phase, for the benefit of the appointing party.

Generally, on each project, the framework’s responsibility lies within the Appointing Party, Lead Appointed Party and all Appointed Parties.

During tendering the bid response should focus on whether the project can be completed on time, within its scope, and budget; therefore, identifying and managing the associated resource risks is critical. Each phase of the asset lifecycle can face different risks that should be recognised and managed. [1]

The Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RACI) can be used by the project team to capture the potential risks.  

[1]    T. Washington, “PPM 101: The Challenges of Resource Capacity Planning | Acuity PPM,” PROJECT PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT (PPM), Feb. 02, 2019. (accessed Jan. 16, 2021).

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