Federation strategy

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a term defined by ISO 19650 describes it as an information container structure taking into account purpose, Level of information need and security of the information (permitted use)

The term aimed to help the production of the information by the task teams during asset delivery or operational phase

It consist requirement for subdivision of a project spatially to allow multiple task teams work on Project Information Model simultaneously, for the right purpose and with correct Level of access to the information to ensure security.

Although the standards do not explicitly specify the responsibility for establishing and management of the federation strategy, it is clear that the task has to be completed during information planning activities.

Therefore implying that the responsibility for setting up lies with the Appointing Party (client) or his representative during ‘assessment and need’ phase of the information management process. While the responsibility for the management of the volume strategy would be transferred onto the Lead Appointed party i.e. Tier 1 Contractor

Example of container breakdown structure:

  • Departments divided into specific rooms named in line with an agreed naming convention
  • Task Teams separate Project Information Models (i.e. Revit models)  containing the discipline-specific systems, hosted on BIM360 and saved in specific information containers (folders) and with saved in line with an agreed naming convention

Example of Federation Strategy management by the Lead Appointed Party

  • establish and manage the container breakdown structure
  • set-up CDE where automatic federation of individual task teams Project Information Models (i.e. Revit model) is possible i.e. BIM360
  • set-up specific space and crossovers for the individual systems to be modelled within agreed boundaries
  • set-up clash detection/avoidance requirements and maintain the process
  • federated model quality checks, reporting and issue-resolving lead
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Volume strategy, information container breakdown structure
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