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actor (3.2.1) responsible for initiating a project and approving the brief

[cited from ISO 19650-1:2018(en), 3.2.5]

    UK BIM Alliance responding to the inconsistency between current  guidance of CIC BIM Protocol, Second Edition 2018 and ISO 19650 Framework published updated Information protocol to support BS EN ISO 19650-2 the delivery phase of assets (Framework). The publication recognized the need for incorporation of new terms used in contract law, namely : ‘Appointor’ and ‘Appointee’. The meaning of the terms in relation to ISO 19650 Framework is shown in Table 1

Table 1- Framework terms ‘Appointor’ and ‘Appointee’

Framework TermISO 19650 Termmeaning
AppointorAppointing Partyparty carrying out the appointment for this contract/appointment

Example: Client appointing the Lead Appointed Party

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appointing party, Appointor
RIBA Plan of Work 2020:

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