Appointing party

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Appointing party term introduced in BS EN ISO 19650 it is meant to replace PAS 1192 term ‘Employer’

ISO 19650 term depends on where in the hierarchy the employer is located.
The BS EN ISO 19650‑2 appointing party (A) is the equivalent of the PAS 1192‑2:2013 top‑level employer

Who is an Appointing party?

  1. A Client who appoints Tier 1 Main Contractor
  2. Tier 1 Main Contractor if he employs other sub-contractors
    • typically the Tier 1 Main Contractor will also have a leading function named the Lead appointed party

Where an ISO 55001 asset management system is in place, “appointing party” is synonymous with the term “organization” in ISO 55001.

BS EN ISO 19650‑3:2020, 5.1.4 Note 2
Hierarchical Project Team
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organization, Client
Asset Lifecycle
RIBA Plan of Work 2020
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