BS EN ISO 19650-2 UK National Annex (NA) 2021 status and suitability reference table

BS EN ISO 19650-2 2018, NA 02/2021
Status Code Suitability Action by
Information State (at any project stage): Work in progress (WIP)
S0 Information developed within a task team [C], [B]
Information State (at any project stage): Shared (non-contractual)
S1 coordination [C], [B]
S2 information/reference [A], [B], [C]
S3 review and comment [B]
S4 review and authorization [B]
S5 review and acceptance [A]
Information State (at handover stage 6): Published[1] (contractual)
authorisation or acceptance [A], [B]
partial-authorisation or acceptance [A], [B]
Action by: [A] Appointing Party, [B] Lead Appointed Party, [C] Appointed Party
[1] A published status code indicates sign-off by either the lead appointed party or the appointing party but does not describe why the information container has been issued. The reasons for the issue An status code shall be defined in the project’s information standard.
[2] Examples of the use of status code An
A0 – BS 8536-2 2016 Work Stage 0 – Strategy, or RIBA[4] Stage 0 – Strategic Definition
A1 – BS 8536-2 2016 Work Stage 1 – Brief, or RIBA[4] Stage 1 – Preparation and Briefing
A2 – BS 8536-2 2016 Work Stage 2 – Concept, or RIBA[4] Stage 2 – Concept Design
A3 – BS 8536-2 2016 Work Stage 3 – Definition, or RIBA[4] Stage 3 – Spatial Coordination
A4 – BS 8536-2 2016 Work Stage 4 – Design, or RIBA[4] Stage 4 – Technical Design
A4 = information container Authorised and Accepted as suitable for construction
A5 – BS 8536-2 2016 Work Stage 5 – Construct and commission, or RIBA[4] Stage 5 – Manufacturing and Construction
A5 = Authorized and accepted as suitable as a construction record
A6 – BS 8536-2 2016 Work Stage 6 – Handover and Closeout, or RIBA[4] Stage 6 – Handover
A7 – BS 8536-2 2016 Work Stage 7 – Operation and End of Life, or RIBA[4] Stage 7 – Use
[3] Bn codes are now deprecated – strongly advised not to be used.
[4] RIBA Plan Of Work 2020

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